Holiday iT.

Intentions are great and regardless of the holiday, do you ever have grand ideas but finding yourself running out of time to actually execute? See a few possibilities...

Christmas Cards

Hand over your cards, names, message and stamps and I'll be sure to get them in the mail.

Holiday Decorating

Do you put the same decorations in the same spot year after year? I can look at your decorations and home with fresh eyes to put together something different. Provide encouragement to donate or recycle tired items that you no longer enjoy. 

Wrap it Up

Do you love boxes and bows but find yourself overwhelmed with Holiday hustle and bustle so you toss every gift into a gift bag? Give me your goods, paper and boxes and viola...your gifts can be wrapped!

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts and party favors are meaningful for the receiver, but did you know it can be fun for the giver?! If arts/crafts are not your thing or you just need a nudge, I can help!

What's your iT.